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RoboRebellion Studios

About Us

RoboRebellion Studios is dedicated to making animations and short films that, while having different stories of their own, have an overarching connecting story! Regardless of the medium, the channel or the video, there's always a way of connecting them together on a unified timeline or dimension.


Rytchie SMith

Founder + CEO

Rytchie Saint James Smith is an independent 2D animator and video editor with a Bachelor's in Film with an emphasis in Creative Producing and an obsession with Sociology. Within a family from the entertainment industry (Cameo Adele, Justice Smith, RYBE) and who’s worked with creators such as Freshy Kanal, Eddiefrb, Anthony Padilla and many others, Rytchie founded the RoboRebellion Studios in 2020, in which their origins started from  doing smaller commissions for other content creators. From then, they’ve directed videos for said creators and have built IPs of their own currently in the making, such as “Rift in the Fabric” and “Animated the Series” (currently in production). They’re going towards a Masters in Film, a Major in Sociology and hopes to become an editor in the near future.
Pronouns: They/Them
Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual
Gender: Non-Binary

(Sexuality and Gender are listed to help new individuals properly identify them)

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