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Blockie and Bloquette struggle to find a home, but something never feels right with them, as if they're being followed

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Season 1

Synopsis: Blockie and Bloquette are just…them. They exist in a vast pull of nothing, being created by a narrator with a skewed and harmful perspective on life. When being created, Blockie was enticed to go to a specific path, but the narrator tells him that this path isn’t “god’s plan” or anything similar. After realizing the narrator has a corrupt skew on life, they try to escape the vast white void. Once escaping, they come in contact with Spherey who shows them the true path of life, filled with color and what appears to be amazing, but something still doesn’t feel right. They feel like they’re being watched. No matter what new home they try to find, there’s always some sort of uneasiness or creepy feeling deep down. It’s clear that these two don’t feel safe… Is Spherey even safe? Is Blockie safe from Bloquette? We don’t know.


DISCLAIMER: This show has been rated TV-14 for the following reasons: - Blood - Violence - Sensitive Content - Horror - Psychological Thriller

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