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Rift in the Fabrics

Three anthropomorphic animals try to stop a robotic apocalypse using their inate abilities, not knowing who they're fighting for

Cashmere CLIP001 v2
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Meet the Cast!

Polly Esther
Cotton Tale
LCDR Peterson

Season 1

Synopsis: It’s the year 2046. In this dimension, the world is inhabited with anthropomorphic animals who are under attack by a robotic AI uprising. We’re joined by Cashmere the Trickster Bunny, a bunny with a metal right arm who performs for people hiding with him and his friends in an abandoned theater. Cashmere enjoys this life of performing, for it’s something he’s always wanted to do; however, Polly Esther and Cotton Tale both hate their life of living. Luckily, LCDR Peterson of the DPA sees his potential and tries to recruit Cashmere to the DPA. Cashmere, however, is very against helping out “another suit”. Cotton tries to stay out of it; however, Polly encourages him to check the place out. After much persuasion, he caves in and they check out the agency. LDCR Peterson carries on with the mission to help bring the robots back into the White Void, and breaks down how exactly he’s going to do it. With the help of the agency and D.R.A.X.E.N, they give Cashmere yellow mist for his magic wand, giving him the abilities of full on magic. Cashmere trains and uses this new weapon as a way of tricking and deceiving the glitches to go back into which they came. Everything seems to be working out well; however, Polly noticeably gets impatient and jealous of him getting all the powers and work. Cotton, out of their own desires, builds Polly more weaponry for just her. They now all join the DPA together as agents, until a certain red haired kid gets in their way. While Cashmere is purely a rookie, he would unknowingly be facing off against one of his biggest cases.


DISCLAIMER: This show has been rated TV-14 for the following reasons: - Blood - Violence - Sensitive Content - Strong Language - Drug Use

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