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The Graphic Novel

Six teenagers juggle high school, while using their supernatural talents at a detective agency as a form of personal escape.

Meet the Cast!

Michael Solds
Xavier Strong
Nichole Robinson
Nikki Hernandez
Dylan Stauber
Sean O'Hare
Monica Stein
Leonardo Yi
Trixie Michaels
Dixie Porter
Jason Beck
Jocelyn Pierre
Crystal Strong
John Jacob

Synopsis: MICHAEL SOLDS goes into sophomore year with his 14 year old best friend and adopted brother XAVIER STRONG,; however, unbenounced to Michael, Xavier is now old enough to inherit the family detective business known as the “Strong Detective Agency”: an agency located in Angelou, CA, that was once owned by his parents, until an unfortunate case has them labeled as “lost on the job”. Knowing they can’t do it alone and with very little experience, they bring along their mutual friends to help along, such as NICHOLETTE ROBINSON, NIKKI HERNANDEZ, DYLAN STAUBER, and SEAN O’HARE. After stopping an underground bunch of criminals only known as “The Treble Team”, they soon realize that the team is attached to a bigger crime syndicate, with criminals all around the nation ranging from petty thievery and undocumented murders, all under the head leader of these crimes whose only known as “D.R.A.X.E.N”. Not only do these six young detectives get involved in several crimes all linked to the same group, but they also soon discover that this group possesses an unknown yellow mist of magical ability that Dylan’s magic kit is linked to. Knowing this, the group soon copies the technology that the crime syndicate has used to expand their mechanical and creative gadgets to better fight the criminals using their own tech against them. It’s not all that easy for the main group; however, since they also are high school students having to live high school lives and keep their detective work and weaponry out of the public eye. No matter what weapons they use, where they use it or how they use it, no one is able to pinpoint these six teenagers having abilities and powers or the whole fact they run the best agency in the country. When anyone catches them in any way, evidence of their existence using supernatural gadgets is completely wiped. Hard to catch, easily blurred, too fast or completely corrupted, photos of these kids ONLY WHEN THEY’RE OUT ON MISSIONS become completely unusable. For all these students, teachers, criminals, parents and other governmental agencies know, they’re unreachable…Hard to track…almost like they leave completely unscathed. People only know them as the “UnDetected”.


DISCLAIMER: This novel has been rated TV-14 for the following reasons: - Blood - Violence - Sensitive Content - Implied/Directly Stated Sexual Content (albeit not shown) - Coarse Language - Sensitive Themes/Subject Matter


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